Technical Data

General Data

Weight in running order: 70 - 73 tons
Number of traction motors: 4
Continuous tractive effort: 20,500lb at 18mph
Maximum Tractive Effort: 46,500lb

Length over buffers: 50ft 6in Height:12ft 8in, Width:8ft 9in.
Wheelbase:36ft 6in, Wheelbase of one bogie: 8ft 6in
Distance between bogie centres: 28ft 0in
Minimum curve negotiable: 4. 5 chains radius

Total fuel capacity: 510 gal
Total coolant capacity: 186 gal
Maximum permitted speed: 90 mile/h

Electrical Machines

Main Generator Type A.E.I. RTB15656;
Rating (continuous) 780volts at 1050amps

Auxiliary Generator Type A.E.I. RTB7440;
Rating (continuous) 54 k.w.

Traction Motors Type A.E.I. 253AY
Rating (continuous) 650 amps at 315 volts, Gear Ratio 67:18

Power Unit

Type: Sulzer 6LDA28-B
Cylinder Formation: 6 cylinder inline.
Continuous Rating: 1,250bhp at 750rpm
Bore: 11.02 inches
Stroke: 14.16 inches
Lub.Oil Capacity: 100 gallons